miscellaneous ramblings

19 May 2022

Games are much more than just a fun pastime. Actual physical games promote and encourage various mental processes. A number of articles have been written showing the mental benefits of playing board games. Games such as Crib can teach simple mathematics in a friendly environment. Other games such as chess or Battleship can help develop strategic thinking. Games such as Rook or Wizards can help develop logical analysis. Games can also help with social skills such as teamwork and being able to win or lose gracefully. Often games can be a pleasant escape from reality for a period, which can bring a lift to our spirits.

As we get older, our mental facilities can diminish. Learning and playing games can keep our brains engaged much more than a passive pastime such as watching television. Studies have shown that the active mental activity of playing games can slow the onset of dementia. Games that are more challenging or less predictable are especially helpful in maintaining a healthy brain.

So from developing positive thinking in children, through staying socially connected with friends and keeping your mental facilities functioning as you age, games have great benefits. So grab an interesting board game, gather some friends and reap the benefits of gaming.